Our Vision

We subscribe to the belief that UGBC should represent the interests and needs of our diverse community and our platform reflects that by blending short-term, pragmatic change with long-term visionary goals. Embodying the spirit of past students, it is crucial that UGBC, as a student advocacy board, continues its efforts to fight for the long-term objectives aiming to build a foundation for a more inclusive campus. Through our time in UGBC, as Chair of the AHANA+ Leadership Council and the Student Assembly’s Music, Arts, and Performance Senator, we have learned from the approaches of the past and have honed this knowledge into creating innovative ways to approach the complexities that Boston College presents. We hope to position UGBC as a megaphone, amplifying student voices in an effort towards holistic and institutional change. Propelled by our pillars of intentionality, intersectionality and innovation, we aim to actualize the Jesuit mission of people for and with others.



Through blending our short-term, pragmatic objectives with the goals UGBC has strived towards for over the course of many years, we seek to reinvigorate the university’s core curriculum, ameliorate financial burdens, and institutionalize cultural competency.

  • Reducing financial burdens on the student body by working with the Office of the Provost to ensure that all professors put their course texts in O’Neil Library’s course reserves system
  • Working with the administration to restructure which classes fulfill the Diversity Core and expand the Course Renewal course to other grades
  • Elevating the African and African Diaspora Studies program (AADS) into a full department

Campus Innovations

We aim to reinvigorate Boston College's campus by creating spaces for student formation, community engagement, and identity development, as well as advocating for systemic solutions to reduce waste and embrace clean and green energy.

  • Cultivating more informal gathering spaces on campus for students to study, collaborate, and relax, such as purchasing additional outdoor urban furniture to utilize existing green space and continuing calls for a Student Center
  • Bridging the gap between student organizations and the Office of Student involvement
  • Communicating the importance of installing rotating dish stations in Mac and Stuart and thereby eliminating most plastic waste and trash mismanagement at said dining halls to the Office of Sustainability and BC Dining
  • Exploring the use of Eagle Bucks to more off campus restaurants/food service locations, potentially including Dunkin Donuts and the brand new PlayaBowls

Health and Wellness

Using UGBC as a megaphone, we aim to amplify students’ calls for increased in-house and long-term mental, emotional, physical, and sexual health resources. By advocating for the aforementioned, we will partner with other student organizations to cultivate a campus culture that promotes cura personalis.

  • Continuing to call on University Counseling Services (UCS) to hire more psychologists to meet the student body’s high need for increased mental health resources
  • Expanding UCS group therapies to include groups centered around marginalized communities, such as LGBTQ+, students of color, students dealing with trauma, substance abuse, and disabilities
  • Striving to obtain free pads and tampons inside bathrooms in academic buildings, such as Gasson Hall, Stokes Hall, and the libraries

Intersectional Experience

We aim to uplift the voices and lived experiences of marginalized students on this campus, while constructing a campus culture of care and welcome for all. Understanding intersectionality within the context of Boston College will empower our entire student body to intentionally engage with one another and will equip students with the skills to navigate difference after their time on campus comes to an end.

  • Continuing UGBC’s GLBTQ+ Leadership Council (GLC) advocacy efforts for a student-organized LGBTQ+ Space, which would centralize resources, foster community, and provide a safe space for queer-identifying students until the administration consents to implement a permanent LGBTQ+ Resource Center
  • Expanding the Multicultural Learning Experience Living and Learning Community to a Newton Campus residence hall
  • Advocating for the university to construct all future buildings with gender neutral/single stall restrooms with appropriate signage
  • Collaborating with Undergraduate Office of Admissions to bolster recruiting of AHANA+ prospective students
  • Improving Eagle Escort’s efficiency by hiring student drivers to increase the number of available EagleEscort Vans

UGBC Changes

As we recognize that UGBC is ever-evolving, we seek to build upon the foundation that student leaders laid before us, while implementing new effective strategies to foster community within the organization. These strategies will permit us to not only strengthen our relationship with the administration, but Connect U with UGBC.

  • Your UGBC Fund will be a new, dynamic project within UGBC’s Student Initiatives Division (SI) in which students can meet with UGBC to propose an event that aims to uplift an issue, topic, or community, and the board will work in collaboration with the selected student(s) to actualize the proposed event
  • Implementing PAC the Assembly, a three pronged approach to transforming the Student Assembly into a more intentional, communicative, and transparent legislative body, which includes creating an infrastructure to follow up with administration once a proposal is passed in the SA to make it a reality
  • Implementing a program -- similar to Athletics’ Gold Pass Program for UGBC Events to incentivize and grow attendance with a reward system

Our Team

Michael O.


I swam with sharks and survived!

Tiff B.

Vice Presidental-Candidate

I was on SpongeBob!

Adin H.

Social Media Manager

I can actually lick my elbow.

Victoria A.

Strategic Advisor

I once went dogsledding on top of a glacier.

Cameron K.

Director of Policy

Arugula is my favorite leafy green.

Cynthia G.

Director of Public Engagement

I used to be in a rockband.

Kalkidan T.

Campaign Manager

I had a pet goat.

Annabel H.

Director of Outreach

I have my dual citizenship with England.

Joseph F.

Chief of Staff

I have a tattoo on my arm.

Subraiz A.

Website Designer

I have an app coming out soon.



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